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Education on family planning increasing the amount of people living in your home. Couples and individuals also have the ability to make educated decisions regarding their health and fertility, make plans for how many kids they would like to have, and also manage the carbon footprint.

Family planning could also help in combating climate change through allowing women to have greater participation on the job market, which helps to boost the growth of economics and develop. The family planning process is linked closely to changing climate. It could help in reducing inequality and poverty.

Information on Families Planning education: 13. Facts You Must Know Families Planning and Gender Related Violence

Family planning is closely linked with gender-based violence because it allows women to make educated decisions regarding their health, reproductive and planning to have the number of kids they would like to have. This will empower women, and lessen their vulnerability to violence based on gender.

Furthermore, family planning could aid in the prevention of gender-based violence by enabling women to more actively participate in the workplace and to pursue educational and career opportunities. Women who are in control over their reproductive health are much more likely in their ability to get out of violence-prone relations.

Furthermore, family planning can aid in reducing the gender gap when it comes to education and work, which can also help to reduce violence against women.

Training on Family Planning How to Know 14: The Link between Family Planning as well as Maternal and Child Health

Family planning is closely linked to the health of children and mothers in that it allows both individuals as well as couples to make educated decision-making about their health, reproductive and planning for the number of children they desire. This may help in reducing the incidence of unintended pregnancy and, in turn, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates


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